Hey Author!

Writing a book is an incredible accomplishment.

81% of people claim that they want to write a book, but less than 1 in 900 actually do. Bravo! 

But, now that you've turned in the final manuscript, you can't silence that voice that's saying, "I've written this book... now what?!" The work certainly doesn't stop once you finish the last chapter. In fact, ask the experts: creating a talked-about book is just as much work as writing it.

What exactly should you do to promote your book? How much time should you spend? Who should you contact? How can you make sure you're not wasting your time doing the wrong things that won't make a difference? 

Every author has similar questions, concerns and fears about launching her book. And here's the thing: every successful book launch has the same elements. It's not money. It's not fancy connections. It's not rocket science.

All you need is a proven plan. And we're going to give you one.

Trust us: we've worked with the authors of more than 50 books, including several Amazon and New York Times bestsellers, in the past 5 years. We've helped launch business books, cookbooks, coffee table books and memoirs written by celebrities and first-timers alike. People have paid us upwards of $25,000 to manage their book launch campaigns. And the truth is, we're not magicians. We simply work hard, know the industry, and have figured out the highest-impact ways to spend your time to turn your book into a media darling. 

We realize that not everyone has a $25,000 budget. And we also know that, if you're willing to dedicate an hour a day for a few months leading up to your book launch, and you focus on the right things, you can create the exact same results! So, we're working hard to put everything we know about the publishing, media and speaking world into a go-to, comprehensive workshop for savvy authors like you. Find out more here!

And, if you can't wait to get started, dive in today by downloading our free 30-Day Countdown to Launch Checklist. This is the exact checklist we've followed to launch books featured in Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, and Good Morning America. (And, we couldn't help it... we added an intro that tells you what to do far before 30 days out!). Download it for free below!

Excited to help you get people talking about your book.