The book you've worked on for years is finally ready for the world to ReAd.

  • Your book flies off the shelves, and then lands on must-read and bestseller lists in your industry.

  • Your story and advice are featured on your favorite websites and publications.

  • You join countless podcast and radio interviews, even several in the same day.

  • You open up Facebook and Twitter to see dozens of new tags, mentions, and (real!) followers.

  • You get an offer from a well-known company to speak to their employees (and they’ll pay you more than you made last month).

  • You’re invited to present about your book at a conference in Cabo San Lucas, all-expenses paid.

  • A brand you admire reaches out to ask if you’re interested in consulting on their newest product launch.

  • Your inbox is full of people praising your book and reaching out to ask if you are available to hire. 

Within a few weeks, you’ve been featured in dozens of press pieces, been sought out for high-profile speaking engagements, and been congratulated by people you haven't spoken to since middle school. You're solidly on the path towards being a nationally-recognized brand in your industry.


This is not a far-off dream. Your book launch can be the defining pivot point in your career.

But, ask any bestselling author: the way to make it happen is not to sit and wait for it, relying on your (overwhelmed) publisher-assigned support team and a barrel of luck. The pros know how to roll up their sleeves, get the right pieces in place, and guarantee that their book will make a splash when it launches. Why leave it to chance? Book Famous outlines a proven plan that puts you in the driver's seat of your own success.


This 10-page guide outlines 38 bite-sized action items to focus on in the month leading up to launch, and maps out exactly when you need to work on each. You'll get week-by-week checklists, and then day-by-day checklists closer to "pub day," pulled straight from the marketing plans of bestselling books. Get instant access! 

Leslie Book Famous Headshot.jpeg

leslie zaikis

By approaching book marketing with the methodology of a startup product launch, Leslie has engineered more dozens of successful book campaigns (including a few bestsellers).

She has placed several book-related print, digital, and TV press hits including spots in Fortune, Forbes, Time, Fast Company, InStyle, Marie Claire, The Washington Post, and Harvard Business Review.

Amrit Book Famous Headshot.jpeg

amrit judge

Amrit builds brands by growing their digital footprint. With a specialty in new-media, Amrit has a particular knack for connecting authors to podcasts, digital shows, bloggers and media influencers.

She has designed and run the social and content strategy for dozens of high-profile authors including Erin Brockovich, Cindy Crawford, Daniel Lubetzky, Nigella Lawson, and Senator Bob Graham.  


You’ll learn the fundamentals of book launch marketing, including:

  • Why your personal network is your secret weapon, and how to put it to work for you.

  • How to identify press angles that will get (and keep!) people talking about your book.

  • Tips for using social media to drive book sales and exposure.

  • How to throw a perfect book launch event—and get other people to pay for it!


As you check-off the course plan, you’ll:

  • Create your own author and book press kit, including an optimized author bio suitable for Amazon.

  • Build a newsletter list in less than an hour, and have hundreds of people on it within days.

  • Develop 100 (or more) personalized press pitches about your book.

  • Design share-worthy graphics and blog posts.

  • Plan a Launch Day social media blitz so your book is everywhere!


Upon signing up for the course, you’ll receive access to:

  • Tried-and-tested email templates for pitching journalists, landing speaking opportunities, and making big asks of your network.

  • Exclusive interviews with bestselling authors to get behind-the-scenes advice from their book launches.

  • More than 30 worksheets, guides, and examples that you can copy and paste to create your own bestselling book campaign.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You have written a book that will be published in the next 12 months, or was recently published.

  • You want to build your brand as an expert in your industry, and know that your book is the perfect jumping point to earn you the exposure you deserve.

  • You don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to spend (or you don’t think it’s a good use of money) to hire a full-time team of people to do the work for you.

  • Your publisher, if you have one, hasn't given you a dedicated publicist (only Oprah or Obama get that!).

  • You have a message that the world needs to hear, and you need a little extra boost to help get your name and ideas in the right forums!

This workshop is not for you if:

  • You are a New York Times Bestselling Author. You probably have this figured out already.

  • You employ a full-time publicist, or a publicity team, to get your name in the press regularly.

  • You think your book will sell thousands of copies all by itself, without you rolling up your sleeves.

  • Your book is only a passion project, and media exposure isn’t a priority for you.